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Adopt-A-Tree: Help Us Care for Young and Newly-Planted Trees

Our city trees provide us with a wide range of benefits: from carbon sequestration to oxygen production; from providing food and habitat for wildlife to beautifying our surroundings. The Urban Forestry Committee and collaborators have been developing ways to celebrate our hard-working city trees. If you want to help our trees too, you can Adopt-A-Tree!

Look for colorful “Adopt me!” tags on newly planted trees in your neighborhood. Scan the QR code on the tag or visit to go through the steps to adopt the tree. Name it, water it, love it, and even receive an adoption certificate!

Watering is the most important thing you can do to help a newly planted tree. They require 15-20 gallons of water each week between May-October, even more during hot summer months. This extra care and consideration you give to a young tree is critical for ensuring its establishment and future success.

There is also an option to participate in citizen science work by monitoring insects that visit the tree. Here, you will make an important contribution to our understanding of the important relationship between trees and insects. It is easy, fun, and we will train you!

Photo shows a tree with an

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