Adult Marijuana Ordinance (In Progress)


The Mayor’s Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (OSCPD) has proposed two ordinances to the Board of Aldermen. The first is an amendment to the Somerville Zoning Ordinance that includes a proposed set of regulations for various types of adult-use marijuana establishments and a Marijuana Overlay District. The overlay outlines where medical and adult-use marijuana retailers would be allowed only with a Special Permit from either the Zoning Board of Appeals or the Planning Board, depending on the underlying zoning district. The second ordinance would amend and add a new section to the Somerville Code of Ordinances establishing a licensing procedure for all types of adult-use marijuana establishments.


The first ordinance was referred to the Board of Aldermen Land Use Committee, and the second ordinance on license procedure was referred to the Board of Aldermen Legislative Matters Committee. The Planning Board and the Board of Aldermen Land Use Committee had a joint hearing on September 6 in the Aldermen Chambers at City Hall to discuss the proposed Adult Use Marijuana ordinances.


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Proposed Overlay District (currently under consideration - not final)
Presentations and Resources
Land Use Committee Hearing Video (9/6/2018) - 2 hours and 45 min in
Legislative Matters Committee Video (9/20/2018) - 1 hour and 9 min in
Legislative Matters  Video (10/02/2018) 10 min in
Land Use Committee Meeting Video (10/16/2018) 2 hours and 30 min in
Legislative Matters  Video (10/18/2018) - 30 min in
Land Use Committee Meeting  Video (10/30/2018) 1 hour and 57 min in
Legislative Matters  Video (11/1/2018) at start
Land Use Committee Meeting Video (11/27/18) - at start
Land Use Committee Meeting Video (12/4/18) - 2 hours and 58 min in