Host Community Agreement Recipients

This page provides a summary of Host Community Agreement (HCA) recipients and information regarding how the Somerville Licensing Commission and the Special Permit Granting Authority (typically the Planning Board) have voted on the relevant application heard by that body.

Other resources that may be of interest include:

  • The City's calendar and meeting documents pages where legal notices, agendas, and minutes for all City Board and Commission public hearings are posted.
  • OSPCD Planning & Zoning Division's Reports and Decisions page where applications currently pending before or previoulsy approved by the Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board are posted.

Last updated May 18, 2021

Applicant HCA Local License Use Special Permit
Union Leaf
(71-72 Union Square)
ApplicationHCA Granted on 11/18/19 Granted on 4/15/21
East Coast Remedies
(76-82 Central St)
ApplicationGroup A StatusUpdated Ownership Information; HCA Granted on 4/21/20 Granted on 11/5/20
North East Select Harvest
(378 Highland Ave)
ApplicationUpdated Ownership InformationHCA Granted on 11/18/19 Granted on 6/11/20
Sira Naturals
(240 Elm St)
ApplicationHCA Granted on 1/25/21 Granted on 4/29/21
Revolutionary Clinics
(67 Broadway)
ApplicationHCA Granted on 1/25/21  
Liberty (Holistic Industries)
(304 Somerville Ave)
Green Soul Organics
(23 Holland St)
The Harvest Collaborative
(255 Elm St)
ApplicationHCA Granted on 1/25/21 Granted on 4/29/21
(690 Broadway)
(620 Broadway)
Application; HCA    
Core Empowerment
(288 Broadway)
(518-524 Somerville Ave)
Application; HCA Granted on 5/17/21