Community Bike Path Drainage Project

A section of drain, 1,150 feet long and 24-inches in diameter, was built in 1901. This section of pipe is located approximately 25-300 feet from the north side of the Somerville Community Path, between Willow Street and Grove Street. Presently the pipe is in poor condition and causing localized collapses. The most recent collapse occurred during the winter of 2016/2017 at the end of Clifton Street. To prevent further problems such as additional collapses, sinkholes, and flooding, the City must repair that drain. 

The City’s engineers and their consultants have drafted a plan that minimizes construction impacts by using trenchless technologies that reinforce the pipe from the inside as much as possible. However, there are sections that cannot be fixed using trenchless technologies and will require full excavation and pipe replacement. The repair work will cause temporary construction impacts to property. Impacts may include temporary removal of fences or structures, excavation, construction equipment operation, and materials storage. The City is committed to minimizing those impacts through careful design and clear specifications. 

The trenchless technology to be used is called Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP). Links to more information on the process, contractors, health, and safety can be found on this page.

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Timeline (Tentative)


Community Meeting


Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting (2-4 p.m.)


Open Bids


Construction Begins


IFB 18-29: Invitation for Bids - Bike Path Drainage