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The City is working to increase safety and enhance mobility for everyone traveling around Davis Square. Our work will deliver new sidewalks, improved crosswalks, and ADA-compliant curb ramps. 

In addition, the City is working alongside the MBTA to upgrade traffic signal equipment and timing at the intersection of Highland Avenue and College Avenue. 

Latest Update(s)

Traffic signal improvements recently implemented. Please observe new traffic patterns and proceed with caution.

Learn more here.

Sidewalk and Crossing Improvements

Maintaining and improving our community’s sidewalks and crossings is key to ensuring people of all ages and abilities can safely and easily move about the City. 

Work Completed 2023

City contractors worked throughout the fall season and made great progress installing new sidewalks around Davis Sq. Construction crews have completed installation of new sidewalks along Elm St. and around Statue Parkproviding a safer, more accessible path for residents and the many visitors to our neighborhood shops and restaurants.

Reconstructed sidewalks consist of concrete panels with brick accents. Concrete sidewalks increase safety and mobility for people of all ages and abilities. 

New concrete sidewalks in Davis Square with brick accent
Map of Davis Square representing work complete and work remaining
Work Completed 2022

Last fall (2022), seven new ADA compliant accessible curb ramps were installed around Davis Square. City contractors also completed installation of crosswalks across Holland St., Dover St., Day St., College Ave. and Highland Ave. The brick surface formerly within these crosswalks was with asphalt to promote safety and increase accessibility for all people crossing the street.

Map of Davis Square representing work completed in Fall 2022

Signal Upgrades

In December and January, contractors installed new traffic signal equipment and adjusted pavement markings to improve intersection operations in Davis Square. These signal upgrades will improve safety at crossings and bus service. Davis Square was prioritized for improvements as it has some of the highest pedestrian traffic in the City and has six bus MBTA bus routes that run through it. 

Signal improvements include:

  • Removing the conflict between people crossing in the crosswalk at Dover Street and vehicles taking a left from Highland Avenue onto Dover Street. 
  • Removing the conflict between people crossing College Ave in front of Davis Square station and buses taking a right on College Avenue. 
  • Removing the conflict between people crossing College Ave at Middlesex Bank and vehicles taking a right from Highland Ave onto College Ave. 
  • Moving the crosswalk across Elm Street from in front of the former Oath Pizza to in front of CVS to remove the conflict with vehicles taking a right turn from Day Street 
  • Adding flashing yellow arrows where drivers are allowed to turn at the same time that the walk sign is in to emphasize that they must yield to pedestrians. 

Lane Changes at Intersection of Highland Ave. and College Ave.

  • Addition of protected bike lane at intersection 
  • Implementation of two-lane configuration for vehicles 
    • One lane indicated for vehicles turning right
    • One lane indicated for vehicles proceeding straight or turning left
  • No changes to existing parking regulations 

Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

The City is also working with the MBTA to install transit signal priority (TSP) equipment. Once activated, this equipment will be able to recognize when buses are approaching Davis Square and adjust the traffic signal timing to make it more likely that the bus has a green light when it gets to the intersection. 

Final pavement marking and line striping is expected to take place Spring 2024. All schedules are subject to change. 

Depiction of the 5 phases of new Davis Square traffic signals

A detailed summary of these improvements is available here. 


Project Funding 

Alongside the MBTA, the City of Somerville was awarded a Community Connections Grant from the Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to support these efforts to make it safer for people walking, wheeling, and biking in Davis Square. The goal of the project is to prioritize vulnerable road users and buses through the intersection.

Full project plans available here: 

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