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Health Insurance Opt-Out Program

For those employees who are eligible for and choosing the Health Insurance Opt-Out Program, please ensure you review the policy and complete the following forms:

If you are part of a bargaining unit, please find below the list of bargaining units who are currently eligible for the program

  • All City Non-bargaining Unit Employees
  • Units “A”, “B” and “D” of the Somerville Municipal Employees Association (SMEA)
  • NCFO-Local3 – School Custodians
  • Somerville Police Superior Officers Association
  • Somerville Fire Fighters Local 76 Suppression
  • Somerville Fire Alarm Unit
  • Somerville Police Employees Association (SPEA)
  • SEIU Local 888 (E-911)
  • All School Non-bargaining Unit Employees
  • Somerville Clerical Employees, AFSCME, Council 93, Local 2070
  • Somerville Cafeteria Employees, AFSCME, Council 93, Local 274
  • Scale Program Administrators Association, UAW, Local 1596
  • Community Schools Employees, UAW, Local 1596
  • Somerville Administrators Association

In order to be eligible, an individual must be an employee who is eligible for health insurance benefits:

  1. Who is currently receiving health insurance from the City;
  2. And was enrolled and receiving City health insurance for the entire period of the previous fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th, inclusive);

The City will pay an employee covered by this program no less than the following annual amounts, based on twelve (12) months of participation in the program:

  1. Single Plan: $2,000.00
  2. Family Plan: $4,000.00

Please refer to the Health Insurance Opt-Out Program Policy for further details on the program.

Note: For those employees currently enrolled in the Health Insurance Opt-Out program, annual re-enrollment is no longer required; however employee must complete the HIRD form annually.

Retiree Health Insurance Opt-Out

For those retirees who are eligible for and choosing the Health Insurance Opt-Out Program, please review the policy and ensure you complete the following enrollment form:

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