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About the Board of Health

The purpose of the Board of Health is to promote public health in Somerville. During its monthly meetings, the Board decides upon and enforces health regulations and policies for the city. Some of the issues overseen by the Board include tobacco control, emergency preparedness, disease control and prevention, waste disposal, and pest control. Board meetings are generally held at 5:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month at 165 Broadway, East Somerville (until further notice). All meetings are open to the public, and all residents are welcome to attend. Please call the Health Department at 617-625-6600 x4300 to confirm specific meeting dates and locations.

The Board consists of three members. These members are appointed by the Mayor and subject to confirmation by the City Council. As per Section 38 of the City Charter, members of the Board of Heath serve "two for one year, and one for two years, and each year thereafter one to serve for the term of one year, and one for the term of two years. Vacancies occurring in the board may be filled in the same manner, but only for the unexpired term." A physician must always fill one seat on the Board. The Health Department encourages any Somerville resident with an interest in public health to submit a letter of interest and a copy of their resume. We are always looking to attract residents who care about the health of the community and wish to get involved in board and other health department supported work. Please send materials to:

Attn: Health Department Director
City Hall Annex
50 Evergreen Ave.
Somerville, MA 02145

Contact Information
Kathy Teixeira-Henkle
Recording Secretary
Phone Number

50 Evergreen Ave.
Somerville, MA 02145
United States

Employee Directory


  • Brian Green, M.D., Chairman
  • Paula Machado
  • Robert Ciccia

Programs & Initiatives

Regulation of Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG)
By following a FOG Management Plan your business can help avoid costly damages to your business and community.
Six City Tobacco Initiative
The Somerville Board of Health Six City Tobacco Initiative works to change community norms regarding the use of tobacco.
Rodent Control and Public Education
The City of Somerville is committed to rodent control and public education. Together, we can combat this fact of city life.

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