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Community Preservation Act

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Community Preservation Act Improving the Quality of Life in Somerville

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Adopted in 2012, the Community Preservation Act (CPA, M.G.L. c. 44B) enables Somerville to fund improvements related to affordable housing, historic preservation, open space, and outdoor recreation. The public is welcome to apply for this community resource as well as influence how the funds should be spent. An annual application process is managed by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) for historic resources and open space/outdoor recreation projects. The Affordable Housing Trust Fund manages the process for awarding affordable housing applications.

The ordinance governing the CPC is available here.

Community Preservation Committee

Committee Members

  • Heather Heimarck, Chair - General Public Representative
  • Rose White, Vice-chair - General Public Representative
  • Jahan Habib - Planning Board Representative
  • Rebecca McKevitz - Public Spaces and Urban Forestry Division Representative
  • Vacancy - Housing Authority Representative
  • Tatiana Shannon - General Public Representative
  • Vacancy - Historic Preservation Commission Representative 
  • David Turin - Conservation Commission Representative
  • Laura Beresky - General Public Representative

The key duties of the Somerville Community Preservation Committee (CPC) are to:


  • Develop and maintain a Community Preservation Plan, which establishes the Committee's priorities for recommending projects to the City Council to receive the Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding. The Committee's FY23 Community Preservation Plan is available here. The Committee updates this plan annually, holds at least one public hearing to gather comments, and conducts other outreach efforts to provide meaningful input on community needs and priorities.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the City Council, which establishes how the Committee intends to allocate annual CPA revenue.
  • Make project recommendations to the City Council. CPA funds can only be spent upon recommendation by the CPC and then approval by City Council, in that order. The CPC oversees an application process and deliberates on funding allocations that align with the Community Preservation Plan.

Joining the CPC

Four members of the Community Preservation Committee are selected from the general public. Because the terms were initially staggered, we will be looking for new members each year from 2017 to 2020. Interested in learning more about what it's like to be on the CPC? You can watch the video from the 2018 information session for prospective CPC applicants here. All CPC members can serve for up to two consecutive terms of three years each. There is a competitive application process for the general public seat. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee with community and City representatives. If you are interested in applying, be on the lookout for calls for applications in the fall. 

The other five members of the CPC are appointed, as required by the CPA enabling legislation, from the:

  • Conservation Commission
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Parks and Open Space Department
  • Planning Board
  • Somerville Housing Authority 

All CPC members can serve up to two consecutive terms of three years each. Terms are staggered, so there are typically openings every year. There is a competitive application process for the general public seats, while vacancies for other boards and commissions represented on the CPC may be found here.

Apply for CPA Funding

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CPA can be used to support the following types of projects:

Thumbnail preview of the linked PDF of allowable uses of CPA funding


For information about how to apply for CPA funds for historic preservation or open space and recreation, please see the FY23 Application Instructions.

Intent Form for non-City applicants. May be submitted any time throughout the year to receive application support, but intent forms must be submitted by June 24 for projects requiring City partnership.

Eligibility Determination Form required for all applicants, due August 1.

Full Applications required for all applicants, due October 5.

Local Historic District Property Owners Small Grant Program [RC2] provides CPA-funded small grants for exterior preservation of properties located in Local Historic Districts.

Affordable Housing Projects

Applicants with proposals for housing projects or programs should contact the Affordable Housing Trust. The CPC has empowered the Trust to serve as the affordable housing arm of the Committee, so the Trust will receive and evaluate applications for CPA-eligible affordable housing projects and programs. Please contact Paul Goldstein at with questions.

CPA Goals & Results

Community Preservation Plan

Each year the Community Preservation Committee sets the funding priorities and minimum funding allocations for the three CPA categories through the Community Preservation Plan.  To learn more about the CPC's priorities, read the FY23 Community Preservation Plan.

CPA Projects

To date, $30 million in Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds, including over $5 million in state match funds, have been awarded to projects across all of Somerville’s seven wards. Learn about these projects below.


Affordable Housing

Historic Preservation

Open Space/ Recreation


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FY21 Projects





FY20 Projects





FY19 Projects





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FY15 Projects





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