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About the Auxiliary Fire Department

The Somerville Auxiliary Fire Department operates under the direction of the Somerville Fire Department. It is a non-paying, non-profit organization whose members volunteer their time, energy and skills to provide support services to the Somerville Fire Department and various City agencies.

Auxiliary Fire Department members also provide services to the Residents of the City of Somerville, and mutual aid assistance to other communities as requested. The delivery of auxiliary fire services is a unique and complex undertaking. It requires service oriented volunteers who posses sound judgment, physical and moral courage, fidelity and personal integrity. Furthermore, providing auxiliary fire services is a team effort. Each member must posses a strong willingness and capability for being an integral part of a team.

The Somerville Auxiliary Fire Department operates three squad units. Each unit being set up for a specific type of emergency as well as being set up as a secondary back up unit. Having this abilty gives the auxiliary the flexibilty to be ready for the changing conditions during a response.

Squad 1


is the Lighting Plant. This unit provides lighting at fires and other Fire Department emergencies. It also provides lights at crime scenes other police investigations. This truck carries two 4,000 kW generators, four large flood lights, as well as electrical cables and other lighting equipment. This unit not only responds to incident within the City, but provides mutual aid to other cities and towns as requested. During severe rain events can also be loaded with pumps and hose to respond to residential pumpouts. 


Squad 2


is the Pumpout Truck and Second Lighting Unit. During severe rain events, this unit will respond to calls regarding residential flooding. This truck carries a wide variety of water pumps, numerous types of hoses, and other tools. It is also equipped with a 12,000 kW generator, four large flood lights, electrical cables, and other lighting equipment. not only responds to incidents within the City, but also provides mutual aid to other cities and towns as requested. 


Squad 3


is the Rehabilitation Unit. This unit responds to fires and provides water and other liquid refreshment as well as nutritional snacks in order to keep firefighters and other emergency personnel hydrated and energized. This unit not only responds to incidents within the City, but also provides mutual aid to other cities and towns as requested. 


Joining Auxiliary Fire


Applicants for the Somerville Auxiliary Fire Department must be residents of the City of Somerville or residents of a bordering city or town, at least 18 years of age at the time of application; have and maintain a valid Massachusetts driver's license, and must have earned a high school diploma or equivalent. Training in basic life support techniques, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), is preferred. Applicants are subject to an investigation by the Department of Public Safety, the Somerville Police Department, the Somerville Fire Department Investigation Unit, and the Somerville Auxiliary Fire Department. Applicants may be called for one or more interviews with Auxiliary Administrators and/or Professional Fire Department Officers. Applications must be approved by Auxiliary and Professional Fire Department Officials as well as the Mayor of the City of Somerville. Applicants are advised that interview and approval procedures may require an extended period of time. Written notification will be provided regarding approval of membership. Every person accepted into the Auxiliary Fire Department shall, before entering upon his/her duties, make and subscribe to an oath of office. Accepted applicants will also sign an agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the Unit as they are or may be established, and be subject to penalties imposed by the Auxiliary Fire Administration for violations of rules.

Applicants must complete all of the below forms. Applications should be dropped off in person to 259 Somerville Avenue, Somerville on Wednesday evenings between 7:00 P.M. and 9:00 P.M.


Programs & Initiatives

In 2023, the City created the Digital Bridge Initiative (DBI). The goal of the DBI is to support existing programming and to create new initiatives.
Join us to celebrate Somerville’s open spaces, engage with the City outside of formal meetings, and of course – enjoy some pizza.

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