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In Spring 2023, the City will install new pavement markings on Bow Street from Summer Street to Somerville Ave to transform the current basic bike lane to a parking protected bike facility.

Map of parking on Bow St. in Somerville


About the Project

In the Spring and Summer of 2022, utility companies worked on restoring subsurface utilities on Bow Street. After completing this work, the utility company returned to repave the street in the Fall. With this repaving, the City has the opportunity to rethink current pavement markings and look at ways to increase safety especially for our most vulnerable road users, people walking, wheeling, rolling, and biking. 

Click this link to download a PDF of the design.

As part of the new pavement markings, the bus stop is expanded to enhance accessibility, parking on the northside is located eight feet from the curb, with a westbound protected bike lane implemented against the curb. Daylighting markings where parking is restricted are added on the east side of the intersection with Bow Street Place to increase visibility of people using the crosswalk or exiting Bow Street Place. 

Approaching the intersection with Somerville Ave, the bike lane is split in two to allow those biking to continue traveling straight onto Somerville Ave westbound or to make a left onto the Somerville Ave eastbound slip lane. Daylighting markings are added on the far side of the crosswalk heading west to increase safety and prevent dooring for people who are transitioning from the protected bike lane to the basic bike lane. The seasonal parklet, when in operation, can still be located at this location on the far side of the crosswalk.

The parking regulations remain a mixture of accessible parking, metered parking, 2-hour except by permit parking, and overnight resident parking. There are no changes to the markings on the southbound side. 

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