About the Job Creation and Retention Trust Fund (JCRT)

In December 2017, the City Council approved a zoning amendment to create a linkage fee of $2.46 per square foot of commercial development over 15,000 square feet to provide and enhance employment opportunities for Somerville residents. In 2018, the Council approved an ordinance to create the Jobs Creation and Retention Trust and nine-member Board of Trustees entrusted to manage these funds.

Jobs Linkage is currently $2.58 a square foot as of March 2020.

Enabling Legislation

  • Members and Trustees

  • Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

  • Documents & Information

  • RFPs and RFIs

The Job Creation and Retention Trust Board of Trustees is composed of nine members.

JCRT Board of Trustees responsibilities will involve managing the JCRT fund, working with OSPCD staff to implement workforce development strategies outlined in the Talent Equity Playbook, target industry sectors and resident demographics of interest for job training programs, solicit project proposals, and funding workforce development training programs in accordance with the ordinance.

The JCRT Board of Trustees will be comprised of the following representatives and terms:

  • Mayor of Somerville or designee
  • Board of Aldermen President or designee
  • Superintendent of Schools or designee
  • Representatives of two workforce development non-profits 
  • Two Somerville residents for a period of three years, with a preference that such residents have participated in workforce development programs in the City of Somerville
  • Representatives of two local businesses 

Board of Trustees

  • Vickie Choitz - Resident, Managing Trustee
  • Anika Van Eaton – Non-profit representative, Co-Managing Trustee
  • Thomas A. Galligani Jr.  – Mayor’s designee
  • Jesse Clingan - President of the City Council's designee
  • Lisa Cook – Superintendent’s designee
  • Tom Bent – Business representative
  • Josh Grehan - Business representative
  • Rand Wilson – Non-profit representative
  • Silvana Dinka – Resident