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Reporting Airplane Noise

We ask that residents report airplane noise to both Massport and the City of Somerville. Official complaints help the Federal Aviation Administration and Massport find ways to lessen airplane noise in the City.

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Step 1: Report Noise to Massport

Massport handles all official complaints about airplane noise. You’ll need to register on the Massport website before you can file a complaint. Or, you can call their Complaint Line at (617) 561-3333. Their hours are 6AM-6PM, Monday through Friday. If you call after hours, you’ll have to leave a message.

You should get a response within 3-4 weeks. Massport’s report will include things like:

  • Aircraft operations
  • Airplane altitude near your address
  • Weather information
  • Runways in use, and  
  • Any other relevant information.

Non-Logan flights, like helicopters and small aircraft, may have limited information. Massport treats repeated emails within a short period as one general noise report. 

Step 2: Report Noise to the City

Though Massport handles official complaints, the City wants to hear from you, too. Our 311 system creates a separate database of complaints. We use the data to help pressure the FAA and Massport into finding ways to get rid of airplane noise in Somerville.

After you’ve filed a complaint with Massport, you can file a report with us in three ways:

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