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A virtual neighborhood meeting will be held on May 18 th at 6:00 PM to discuss a Special Permit with Site Plan Review (SPSR-A) for Assembly Innovation Park at 5 Middlesex Avenue in the Assembly Square Mixed-Use District. 

The project is two buildings totaling one million square feet and a one-acre public park.

If you are interested in attending the virtual meeting, please use the link provided here:

As set forth in the Somerville Zoning Code * the purpose of the first Neighborhood Meeting is “to provide the public with an opportunity to review a conceptual design proposal and identify and discuss issues and potential impacts with the Applicant prior to the Development of more detailed schematic design proposals.”

Any questions or trouble accessing the link for the meeting should be directed to Matt McLaughlin at


Event Documents

If applicable, any related agendas, minutes, audio/video recordings, and other materials will appear here.



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