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The Somerville Armory Master Plan Advisory Committee will convene its first meeting in the Performance Hall on the first floor of the Somerville Armory at 3:30pm on June 6 th , 2022. This session will introduce the Committee to the City’s planning consultants and staff developing the Master Plan and will establish a vision of success for the Armory and identify the issues that will be addressed as part of the planning study.

The Advisory Committee will guide the municipal consultants and staff in preparing the Somerville Armory Master Plan, which will guide the transition of the property into a public community arts center. Comprised of a diverse mix of municipal leaders and local artists, the Committee will meet regularly until the Armory Master Plan is complete. The Committee will review feedback received from a variety of sources, including focus groups, public meeting hosted by the City, and other stakeholder engagement events included as part of a comprehensive public engagement process that garners feedback from a broad spectrum of residents, as well as Somerville’s artistic community.


Event Documents

Document Type Time Posted
Meeting Notice May 31, 2022, 1:50pm
Agenda Jun 2, 2022, 6:15pm




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