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The Benjamin G. Brown School is located in Ward 5 at 201 Willow Avenue serves students kindergarten through fifth grade. Built in 1900, the Brown School is the oldest elementary school in Somerville and does not have any interior recreation space. The new schoolyard design will incorporate the existing asphalt schoolyard and the lawn areas around the three other sides of the school on Josephine Street, Kidder Avenue, and Willow Avenue.  

The new schoolyard design is underway now and information on the community meetings held to date can be found in the Past Events tab on this page. The design funding for this project was funded by the Community Preservation Act and the City of Somerville.

New features may include basketball, new play structures, seating areas, surface and wall graphics, and calm spaces for individuals or small groups. The lawn areas surrounding the three sides of school will be redeveloped as new education and recreation spaces for Brown students.  Features along the pathway could include seating areas, adaptive reuse of stormwater from the school roof and downspouts, school gardens, new tree plantings, bicycle parking, and an improved ADA school entrance on Kidder Avenue.  

Benjamin Brown School existing siteBenjamin Brown School existing siteBenjamin Brown School existing siteBenjamin Brown School existing site

November 18, 2019 Community Meeting

December 11, 2018 Community Meeting