Get Involved: Be Somerville!

What makes Somerville great? YOU! Somerville residents have awesome ideas, a wealth of knowledge, and interesting perspectives that are invaluable to the City. There are lots of ways to be involved with Somerville, shape the community, and share your talents. So, please, don’t just live in Somerville...Be Somerville!

  • Surveys and Service

  • Boards and Commissions

  • Your Local Government

  • Be Informed and Be in Touch

  • Volunteer for an Event

Here you'll find links to active surveys, calls for feedback, and openings on boards and commissions. Looking for more ways to serve? Contact Jennifer Mancia, Community Services Manager.


In Somerville, residents are represented by Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, the Board of Aldermen (in other communities the legislative branch of city government might be called City Council, Board of Selectmen, etc.), and the School Committee.

Elected officials serve two-year terms and municipal elections are held in odd-numbered years. On the Elections Department website you can find information on how to register to vote, where you vote, who represents you, past election results, and information on how to run for office.

Somerville is divided into seven wards and each is represented by one Alderman and one School Committee member. There are also four members of the Board of Aldermen who are elected at-large (citywide).

We want to be able to share important information with you and we want to hear your feedback and ideas. Our goal is to get the word out as many ways as possible and take in feedback however you’d like to give it. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know. Here are some ways to keep the conversation flowing:

  • Sign up for City alerts. You’ll get phone, text, and/or email notifications about things like snow emergencies, road closures, and public safety emergencies.
  • Join us at a ResiStat meeting. Every spring and fall a ResiStat meeting is held in each of the City’s seven Wards. At the meetings, you can get an overview of things happening in Somerville and your neighborhood. City staff and elected officials are around before and after the meeting to chat and answer questions.
  • Speaking of ResiStat...signing up for the weekly ResiStat eNewsletter will help you stay on top of what’s going on, follow issues you care about and know about fun things coming up.
  • You can call 311 (or 617-666-3311) anytime to get answers to questions or make a service request. Don’t want to make a call? No problem. You can also use our online system or 311 apps.
  • Connect with us on our social media accounts.