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What to Do if There is a Boil Water Order

The 1996 Federal Safe Water Drinking Act establishes the rules for public notification in cases where the public health may be at risk.

If the City of Somerville Water Department must issue a Boil Water Order, it means that the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Drinking Water Program has been consulted and is requiring this action. Any Boil Water Order remains in effect until there is notification in writing. 

All consumers in the designated area must boil their water vigorously for one minute for all human and animal consumption. This includes brushing teeth, hand washing, bathing, washing vegetables and food preparation, cooking, and laundry.  People with severely compromised immune systems, infants and some elderly may be at increased risk and these people should seek advice from their health care providers. 

The City of Somerville's Water Department acknowledges that this is a major inconvenience and appreciates your cooperation. We will make every effort to have the Boil Order terminated as soon as safely possible.

Numbers to call:

  • Water Department, 617-625-6600 x5800
  • EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline: 1-800-426-4791
  • City of Somerville's Constituent Services: dial 311 or 617-666-3311.

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