About the Fire Prevention Bureau

The primary responsibility of the Fire Prevention Bureau is preventing fires from occurring by aggressive enforcement and educating the public on all laws and ordinances relative to fire safety. This is accomplished by conducting inspections, issuing permits, and following up on citizen complaints and fire company violation reports. Fire Prevention also reviews plans for new construction, additions, sprinkler and fire alarm system upgrades, and demolition of structures. Inspectors also monitor the installation and removal of underground and aboveground storage tanks. The Fire Prevention Office works closely with many City agencies to ensure fire safety, most notably Inspectional Services, the Board of Health, and the Planning Board.

The Flammable Liquid Compliance Unit specifically targets businesses using flammable and combustible liquids. This is an educational and enforcement unit. The primary goal is to locate occupancies using flammable and combustible liquids that are not in compliance with existing legal requirements. The occupancy is then entered into the permitting system and will require periodic inspection. Another goal is to inform and educate the users of flammable products of the many hazards that exist so that they can be used safely in the City. The Fire Prevention Bureau and Flammable Compliance Unit work closely together to create a fire safe environment.

  • Schedule of Fees

  • Regulations

  • Permits and Applications

Please note: All permits must be made in person paid for by check or money order made payable to City of Somerville, MA. We cannot accept cash, credit card, or electronic transfer.




Annual Inspection $50.00 Must See Compliance Lieutenant
Barbeque Permit/Inspection $75.00 6 Months
Dumpster Permit – on Property $100.00 $300.00 3 Months over 3 Months
Fire Alarm System Install or Modification $100.00 6 Months
Food Truck Inspection/Permit $50.00 1 Year
Garage Permit $10.00 1 Year
Gun Powder Permit Residential $50.00 Commercial $100.00 1 Year
Kitchen Suppression System Permit/Inspection $75.00 1 Year
Oil Burner Permit/Inspection $50.00 1 Year
Sprinkler System Install or Modification $125.00 Up to 6 Months
Smoke Detector Permit – Single Family Dwelling $50.00 2 Months
Smoke Detector Permit – Two Family Dwelling $100.00 2 Months
Smoke Detector Permit – 3-6 Dwellings $150.00 2 Months
Smoke Detector Permit – 7 or More Dwellings $500.00 2 Months
Temporary storage of Heaters/Flammables/ Generators/E-Generators/Tar Kettles etc., $100.00 Less Than 6 Months
Tents 10x12 or Larger $75.00 per No longer Than 6 Months
Tank/Truck Inspection $100.00 2 Year
Tank/Line Gas Station Inspection $100.00 1 Year
Tank Install - Above Ground (275 Gallons or Less) $50.00 per Tank 1 Month or as Needed
Tank Install - Above Ground (276 - 500 Gallons) $75.00 per Tank 1 Month or as Needed
Tank Install - Above Ground (501 Gallons or More) $200.00 per Tank 1 Month or as Needed
Tank Removal - Above Ground (275 Gallons or Less) $100.00 per Tank 1 Month or as Needed
Tank Removal – Above Ground (276 Gallons or More) $150.00 per Tank 1 Month or as Needed
Tank Install - Underground $250.00 2 Weeks
Tank Removal - Underground $250.00 2 Weeks
Underground Fuel Oil Storage < 500 Gallons $75.00 1 Year
Underground Fuel Oil Storage 500 Gallons or More $150.00 1 Year
Welding/Cutting Permit $75.00 $225.00 if pulled after stop work order Up to 6 Months

Information about the City's fire regulations can be found in the links below. The regulations are orders issued by the Fire Chief under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148 Section 28 Chapter 148 Laws and 527 CMR 1 Fire Code.

If you have any questions regarding fire regulations please call (617) 623-1700 x8400 or send an email to [email protected]

Please note: All permit applications must be submitted in person to the Fire Prevention Office at 1 Franey Rd. (Get Directions)

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