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About Beacon Street Signal Timing Improvements

As part of the Beacon Street Reconstruction Project, two existing traffic signals will be upgraded, and two new pedestrian beacons will be installed on Beacon St.

Upgrades to Existing Signals at Park St. and Washington St.

The traffic signals on Beacon St. at the Washington St. intersection and the Park St. will be upgraded, with higher-visibility signal indications and audible pedestrian signals. Additionally, signal timings will be adjusted to reduce delay for all users. This signal-timing change will include concurrent pedestrian phasing with leading pedestrian intervals (LPI’s), which allow pedestrians to enter the crosswalk before turning vehicles. Pedestrian signals will be activated each signal cycle. 

New HAWK Beacons at Sacramento St. and Buckingham St.

HAWK (High-intensity Activated Crosswalk) beacons will be installed at Sacramento St. and at Buckingham St. (near Star Market and Whole Foods) to allow pedestrians to stop vehicle traffic in order to cross Beacon St. safely. HAWK beacons look a little bit different than typical traffic signals, but the general idea is the same: Vehicles must prepare to stop when the beacon is yellow, and stop at a beacon that is red. Pedestrians should cross only when the Walk symbol is visible. Click on the brochure to learn more.

HAWK beacon traffic signal brochure

Programs & Initiatives

The City of Somerville and Somerville Public Schools have partnered with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to address major school building needs, including large-scale renovations and new construction.

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