About the Finance Department

As a result of recently passed legislation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Curtatone has authorized a change in the due date for Fiscal Year 2020 Quarter 4 taxes from May 1st to June 1st. Because so many have been negatively impacted by current economic conditions, the Mayor has also authorized the treasury department to waive interest and penalties on tax, water and excise bills that were due on March 10th or later, provided those bills are paid by June 29th. After June 29th interest will be charged on bills as of their original due dates. Because tax revenue is necessary for the continuance of essential City services, residents and homeowners who are able to pay on time are encouraged to do so as that will help make it possible for the City to accept late payments from those who need relief. Mayor Curtatone said, “...if you have not suffered financial impacts, by paying on time, you can help make it possible for the City to accept late payments from those who need this relief right now. So I am also asking that those who can pay on time do their part to support those who cannot.”

Should you have questions, please email the Treasury Department at [email protected]. Calling may be the least effective means of communication given City Hall closure, but the Treasury Department will make every effort to return calls within one business day.

For more updates and information about the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit somervillema.gov/Coronavirus.


The Finance Department is responsible for the planning, oversight, and reporting of the City's operating and capital finances. These functions are carried out by the Department's five divisions:

  • Budgets & Appropriations

  • Capital Investments & Projects

  • Ratings, Reports & Statements

  • Visual Budget Explorer