About OSPCD - Housing

The Housing Division ensures that Somerville remains an affordable, sustainable, and livable community. We do this by obtaining and managing funds for affordable housing developments. We also work to improve the quality of housing in the City–not just the quantity–to ensure that all Somerville residents are safe and content.

We offer a number of programs and services designed to improve housing in the City. Some of our duties include funding new housing developments, administering lead hazard abatement and homeowner rehabilitation programs, and offering support to other housing-related programs in the City. We also offer resources for housing needs, like landlord-tenant mediation and foreclosure prevention. Use the links below to find more information about our partners, programs, and services.

For answers to some of the most common questions we get, visit the Housing FAQ.

  • Our Programs

  • Help for Landlords and Tenants

  • Resources for Non-Profits & Developers

  • Additional Resource, Plans, and Reports

Many of our programs are geared towards helping homeowners who are looking for affordable opportunities. These include:

To see if you’re eligible for our housing programs, check out the program income limits spreadsheet.  

Opportunities for Renters and Buyers

We have an array of programs and resources for renters and first-time homebuyers, too! Some of these opportunities include:

  • Down payment assistance
  • First-time homebuyer classes
  • Tenant rent stabilization
  • Fuel assistance and weatherization,
  • And more.

Learn more about our programs for renters and first-time buyers here.

Homelessness Prevention

This guide is an extensive list of resources for homeless people and those who are at risk for becoming homeless. You’ll find contact information for local shelters, transitional housing, food services, emergency funding, and more. You can read the guide here. If you need additional help, including help finding an emergency shelter, call us at (617) 625-6600 ext. 2577.

The following resources are designed to help landlords and tenants understand their rights:

For more help with landlord/tenant rights, mediation, and Fair Housing laws, contact us at (617) 625-6600 ext. 2577.

Condominium Review Board

The Condo Review Board oversees and enforces condo conversion laws in the City. They aim to protect tenants who live in rentals that are being converted to condos or removed from the market. The Housing Division works with the Board to manage applications and documentation for conversions. They also conduct public hearings each month. To learn more about the condo conversion review process, click here.

HOME Layering Guideline

The City can use HOME funds to help developers create affordable housing. However, the project must fall within certain financial guidelines to receive funding. You can learn more about HOME funds and program guidelines here.

Energy Efficiency Mortgage Guide

Energy efficient mortgages allow you to borrow more money to help pay for upgrades to new or existing homes. They’re rolled into your main mortgage so that you don’t have to make more than one payment per month. You can learn more about “Green Mortgages” here.

Planning and Zoning Resources: