Arthur D. Healey Schoolyard Renovation

Renovation plans for the Arthur D. Healey Schoolyard are underway. When complete, the plans will include a new schoolyard, a new U-12 soccer field, and an ADA accessible pathway between the schoolyard and the Mystic Housing Community.

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Aerial view of the Healey Schoolyard

The Healey School, at 5 Meacham Street, is located atop a bluff overlooking the Mystic River, interstate 93 and the surrounding community. It provides recreation and play activities for student’s pre-K to 8th grade, and the surrounding community during non-school hours. 

The existing Healey schoolyard is an approximately 65,000 square foot asphalt space with basketball and other court games. To the east and directly adjacent to the schoolyard is a steep slope which acts as a physical barrier between the school and the Mystic Housing Community.

Street hockey and world map features at Healey Schoolyard     Healey Schoolyard basketball courts

Healey Schoolyard tennis court     Nighttime view of Healey Schoolyard

2016 - Fields Master Plan: The City’s Fields Master Plan documented a severe shortage of City owned recreation fields, restricting athletic recreational opportunities for City youth and residents. The Fields Master Plan identified the Healey Schoolyard property as a good site for a new U12 synthetic turf athletic field.

2017 - Healey Mystic Master Plan: The Friends of the Healey were awarded Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds to develop the Healey Mystic Master Plan as a vision for the transformation of the Healey Schoolyard and surrounding neighborhood. Many of the goals included in that plan are now being adopted for the new Healey Schoolyard renovation.

2018 - Schoolyard Design funds: The Somerville Community Preservation Committee awarded Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for the development of the design of the new schoolyard.

2018 - Healey Geotech Work: The City conducted a Topographic Survey, Geotechnical survey, and Boring Analysis of the schoolyards subsurface conditions to determine the feasibility of making renovation that could include a new soccer field.

2019 - Additional Design funds: Additional funds needed for the design of the Soccer field were approved by the City Council.

2019 – Design Plans: Warner Larson Associates was selected as the Landscape Architecture team for the project.

2019 – 2 to 5 Playground Improvements: The Playground at the side of the school was updated with new features making it safer and more interesting for the young children who use it. Additional changes including a new rubber safety surface will be incorporated as part of the larger schoolyard renovation.

2020 – January Funding Approval: The Somerville City Council approves the funding needed to construct the new Healey Schoolyard.

Community Process

  • Four Community Meetings held at the Healey School and Mystic Housing. Presentations and notes form those meetings are available in the menu above.
  • Four Targeted Outreach Meetings including Two Healey School Open Houses, a Mystic Tenants Association Meeting, and the Mystic Housing Picnic.
  • Four Meetings with Healey School Techers and Administrators.
  • One meeting with a group of Healey School Students.
  • Online Survey (in four Languages), 133 respondents.



To sign up for project updates or for more information, please contact Arn Franzen at 617-625-6600 ext. 2545, or e-mail [email protected].

November 7, 2019 Community Meeting

October 10, 2019 Community Meeting

July 9, 2019 Community Meeting

January 10, 2019 Community Meeting

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