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2021 CPA Projects

In FY21, $1,115,051 was awarded to 8 projects: 

  • 5 historic resources, 3 open space/recreational land 
  • 6 are community projects and 2 are City projects

The following projects were funded in FY21:

Historic Resources

  • Somerville Museum
  • Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church Bell Tower
  • WPA Bas-Relief
  • Somerville Hispanic Association for Community Development / Grace Baptist Church
  • Broadway House (181 Broadway)

Open Space/Recreation Land

  • Emergency Funding Request for Central Hill playground
  • Open Space Land Acquisition Fund Request, City of Somerville
  • Healey School Tot Lot

Affordable Housing

The Somerville Trust will be releasing their call for applications later this year.

Historic Resources

In Progress

Broadway House (181 Broadway)


For rehabilitation of the historic exterior and window replacement preserving this affordable housing resource. 

Collection Care at the Somerville Museum


Renovation of museum storage for upgraded security, preservation and access of museum collections.  

Works Progress Administration Bas-Relief Restoration Project Somerville Public Library


Continuation of the work of installing the bas-relief at a safer location and restoring it to its original collection.  

Exterior Wood Trim Repairs Elizabeth Peabody House


Request for funding to repair exterior wood trim (as well as window frames) damaged by time and exposure to the elements.

Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church Bell Tower


bell tower
The repointing of the bell tower and its gaps.  

Grace Baptist Church


Repair of existing slate roof and replacement of related flasihng and gutters; repointing of brick masonry; replacement of entry doors and hardware; new accessible exterior entry ramp to lower level. 

Open Space & Recreational Land

In Progress

Healey School Tot Lot Renovation


The renovation of the Healey School Tot Lot, which is the primary outdoor play and learning environment for students pre-K through grade 2.   

City of Somerville's Open Space Land Acquisition Fund


Map of open space in Somerville

Request CPA funds to seed the Land Acquistion Fund. 

Not Funded

Applications that submitted an eligibility determination form but did not submit a full proposal:

Applications that submitted a full proposal but withdrewal their proposal:

VNA Community Healing Garden

Visiting Nurse Association garden in fall

Visiting Nurse Association

Visiting Nurse Association

The VNA will rehabilitate its existing garden and transform it into a healing garden, which will serve as a respite for all to enjoy.

Programs & Initiatives

Somerville's Overnight Warming Center is a safe space where adults experiencing homelessness can spend the night safe from the cold of winter weather.
An overview of how the budget process works and how it impacts residents and businesses in Somerville.

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